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About ~Us~

A few words about us . We are based in High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire.

We fell in love with this beautiful breed over 5 years ago. We are a small cattery. We now oparate a Waiting list.  To join to our waiting list please write me a message here, on Facebook or via  email , about yourself and, if appropriate, your family, also about your dream kitten  . When we have a litter or two from our Queens we will announce the babies here on this site , also on our Facebook page /Elcidream.

When they are around 8/9 weeks old I will make contact with the potential families but we  will put some pictures on this site and on Facebook with information about each kitten .If you are interested and the kitten status is AVAILABLE please do not hesitate to contact me so we can start to talk either here or via video chat.

I’m not going to answer any emails asking, “ How much?" or "Do you have kittens available?" Etc.

We don’t allow visitors at the Cattery until the Kittens are 10 weeks old / so 1 week after their first vaccination.

After the visit if you are 100% sure you'd like to buy a Kitten you can pay the deposit of £250( non refundable) .

The kittens are twice vaccinated, neutered, microchipped and registered.


They can only go after recovering from the operation, so around 13-15 weeks old . Parents are tested for Hcm, pkdef, pkd, sma and fiv/felv. The kittens are also coming with my lifelong support.


Our vison is to breed healthy, happy, well socialized kittens. 



Our Mission is to give families many happy years with one/two /three or more of these amazing cats.  Maine Coons are very different from any other breeds. They are the 'Gentle Giants' with an amazing beauty and an amazing personality.

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